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EPS, AI, PDF (vector). If you cannot provide these, we can work with a PNG file. We request that JPEG files are NOT sent to use as logos. JPEGS inherently have a background, be it white or otherwise, which cannot be removed. The file type does not support the use of transparency, meaning that JPEG files often result in lackluster design and print quality. Please help us best serve you by providing high-quality logos to use.

Clip Art:
Any clip art that you would like to be used in your design should be provided in vector format to ensure your printing is of the highest quality. We can re-create the clip art for you, but this will be subject to our Design Services Fee of $45/hour.

Setting up your files for print:
Microsoft Office Suite: Many people are familiar with the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Publisher, Power Point, et al.), and while its wide usage is a benefit for inter-office sharing, and home or office printing,  it is not set up for professional print projects. Because of this, Word will not advise of any font or layout issues when opening the document which may result in unintended changes.
If it is necessary to use these programs, please export your project file in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format (all Microsoft Office Suite programs have this capability) to ensure you get the results you want.



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